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Bring Your Virginia Child Custody Case To An Experienced, Organized Legal Team

A Virginia child custody lawyer who cares about preserving your relationship with your child

When you end a marriage or a relationship, it can be hard enough to separate your possessions, establish new residences, and start a new chapter in life. When it comes to the couple’s children, it may prove almost impossible to find a fair, logical custody, visitation, and support plan that both parents can agree on. The process can be emotionally draining for everyone involved, and the legal aspect of the dispute may only add stress.

At the Law Office of Lori A. Michaud, we understand that child custody cases and child support decisions in Virginia are often the most difficult aspect of divorce or a breakup – and that more than any other type of family law, there is often no right answer, only the best answer.

We are dedicated to helping parents navigate their child custody issue – whether they are struggling to get custody, fighting for more time with their kids, dealing with an out-of-state move, or confronting a child support issue. We want to hear your story, get to know your kids’ needs, and help you to find a solution that is optimal for your child or children.

Get your questions answered about Virginia child custody law. 

We believe that child custody, child visitation, and child support decisions should always be made with the best interests of the child in mind. We also believe that every family is different and that every family deserves custody and visitation plans that are customized to meet the unique needs of their situation.

Each day, we are hear different questions from different clients:

Will the issue of substance abuse affect my child custody case?

  • Can I receive custody or visitation rights even if I was never married to my child’s mother?
  • Could mediation be a useful tool to decide upon child visitation?
  • Can I lower my child support payments if I lose my job?
  • Is joint custody a good choice for my family?
  • Will a history of domestic violence affect my child custody case?
  • How is the amount of child support decided?
  • Do I have to keep paying child support if my spouse remarries?

Do you have questions about your child custody case? Ask us today.

If you are in the military, choose a Virginia child custody attorney with experience working with servicemembers. 

Child custody for civilians is already filled with complications, imperfections, and stumbling block – military families will find that their own child custody disputes come with unique issues and considerations in addition to those faced by non-military members. If you are stationed in Virginia and are involved in a child custody case or child support case, you may consider choosing a Virginia Beach family law attorney who has extensive experience working on military child custody cases.

Military child custody lawyer Lori Michaud can help answer your questions regarding:

Child custody and military deployment

  • Child support and military pay
  • Military deployment and child visitation schedules
  • Relocation due to military service
  • Active duty and stay of custody proceedings
  • Temporary custody and military deployment
  • Designation of visitation rights to family members during deployments

Our Tidewater area law office assists servicemembers with child custody issues stationed at Fort Story, Camp Pendleton, Naval Air Station Oceana, the Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek, and Fort Monroe.

Make certain that your children get the life they deserve and the support they need. 

At the Law Office of Lori A. Michaud, our focus is on organization, communication, and action. If you need a Virginia child custody attorney who cares about you, your child, and the law, call us today at 757-395-4017 to schedule a no obligation consultation with a lawyer.

Get your legal questions answered. Find out your options. And take action to give your kids the best family situation possible.


An outstanding job on my case to have custody, visitation and support decided in my home state instead of Virginia after I separated from military service.- A.E.