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Lori Michaud assists clients with legal issues related to divorce, child custody, support, guardianship, DWI / DUI charges, and domestic violence charges in Virginia.


The end of a marriage is extremely emotional – as is the prospect of beginning a new chapter in life and letting go of old dreams. During your divorce, you have the demanding job of working through your feelings, repairing the damage, and coming out on the other side in one piece. At the same time, however, a divorce requires that you endure a complex and sometimes frustrating legal process. At the Law Office of Lori A. Michaud, we are here to help you through that legal process in the most efficient, fair, and thoughtful way possible.

Child Custody

When you end a marriage or a relationship, it can be hard to separate your possessions, establish new residences, and start a new chapter in life. However, when it comes to the couple’s children, it may often prove almost impossible to find a fair, logical custody, visitation, and support plan that both parents can agree on. The process can be emotionally difficult for everyone involved, and the legal aspect of the dispute may only add stress. At the Law Office of Lori A. Michaud, we understand that child custody cases and child support decisions in Virginia are often the most difficult aspects of divorce or a breakup – and that more than any other type of family law, there is often no right answer, only the best answer.

Collaborative Practice

To maintain some peace and civility many families have decided to look towards divorce with collaborative practitioners as an alternative to litigation. Working with a Collaborative practitioner involves an effort by both parties to work together with their attorneys in the best interest of their family. This includes working together to discuss child custody, monetary, and property issues. With the help of Lori A. Michaud, your family will find helpful professionals that will help you assess any areas of dispute and come to a mutually acceptable resolution. The Collaborative process often includes health professionals, certified divorce financial planners, and divorce coaches who can help you and your spouse make decisions on some of the toughest choices involved in divorce, separation, and custody matters.


In Virginia, driving drunk, driving under the influence of drugs, and driving under the combined influence of drugs and alcohol are all bases for a charge of driving while intoxicated (DWI), and in Virginia, DWI is not a traffic offense—it is a Criminal Offense. If you are convicted of DWI in Virginia, you face stiff penalties, such as up to $2,500.00 in fines, jail time, permanent loss of license, and even your vehicle. In fact, Virginia is known for being one of the toughest states in the nation on DWI. The consequences of being convicted of a DWI/DUI don’t just end there. It is important not to take a DWI/DUI charge lightly.

Juvenile Law

If your child has experienced a run-in with the law, please call us today at 757-395-4017, or fill out the electronic contact form on this page. At the Law Office of Lori A. Michaud, we recognize that parents and guardians want to do all they can to help their children. However, there is no reason why you must face your child’s legal problems alone. Instead, allow us to put our legal skill and knowledge in juvenile law to work for you so that we can help you to best help your child.

Domestic Assault

Being charged with a crime, such domestic assault can seem like the end of the world. Fighting the charges can seem pointless, and conviction can seem inevitable. Sometimes, it might seem easier just to get everything over with as quickly as possible, regardless of the consequences. At the Law Office of Lori A. Michaud, we want you to know that although you might feel hopeless, you do have options and you do have choices – and making smart decisions at this time will allow you to secure the best possible results. We will work with you to create a plan of action that makes sense for your specific case and your specific needs.

Military Matters

Our Virginia Beach attorneys have created a Military Corner with articles and other legal information for military personnel and their spouses.


The general duty of a guardian is to exercise reasonable care to act in the best interest of the incapacitated person. This includes taking care of the incapacitated person’s estate, managing his or her finances (often their medical expenses), and assisting with their daily decisions to the extent needed. These broad powers give the guardian input into nearly every significant decision in the incapacitated person’s life, demonstrating why the Virginia courts take appointment of guardians very seriously and require that such powers be established only by a judge. Hence, it is important to consult with an attorney who has experience handling guardianship matters.


An outstanding job on my case to have custody, visitation and support decided in my home state instead of Virginia after I separated from military service.- A.E.