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Celebrate Safely


How do you know you have had enough to drink to get you into trouble? It’s harder than you think. Most adults will not “feel” impaired when they reach the .08 limit prescribed by Virginia law. Juveniles are even less likely to detect that they are at their .02 legal limit. So how can you avoid a DUI? Good planning! Here are our Top Five Tips For Avoiding A DUI:

#5 Spend the Night! If you are out drinking someplace where you can spend the night, plan in advance to do so! The cost of a hotel is so much less than the cost of a potential DUI or other potential consequences of drinking and driving!

#4 Designate a Driver. Designate a reliable driver who will stay sober and make sure you get home safe. If you do not have a reliable designated driver available, carry and plan to use the card of a reliable taxi service (and keep enough money for the fare someplace separate from your drinking money) or load the UBER app before you when you go out! Or do both–in case your designated driver proves unreliable. Military folks have additional options.

#3 Know your LEGAL Limit. Plan to drink within your LEGAL Limit – which is probably different from your “I can handle myself” limit. To help you to “measure up” against the breathalyzer test, dmv.org reports that a .08% blood alcohol level is achieved in:

4 drinks over three hours by a 150-169 pound man;
3 drinks over three hours by a 130 pound woman;
4 drinks over two hours by a175 pound man;
4 drinks over two hours by a 170 pound woman;
(A drink is defined as 1.25 shots of 80 proof liquor, 4 oz of wine, or 10 oz of 5.7% beer.)

#2 Purchase a Personal Alcohol Detection Device. Keychain breathalyzer or alcohol detectors are available at various retailers for about $30, and allow you to objectively test yourself before you drive. USE IT and DO NOT DRIVE if it detects above limit blood alcohol!

#1 Do not drive after you have had ANY alcohol to drink. This is the only foolproof method of avoiding an alcohol-related DUI.

Also, remember to never get into a car with a driver that has been drinking – you don’t know how much they may have had to drink outside your presence, or what medications they may have taken, or how impaired they may actually be a few minutes down the road when the last few drinks “kick in”! Your life depends on it!

Best Wishes for a SAFE Celebration!


An outstanding job on my case to have custody, visitation and support decided in my home state instead of Virginia after I separated from military service.- A.E.