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Keep your legal fees and expenses under control

Fees are a sensitive area to discuss for both the client and the Virginia divorce attorney. However these tips should help to ensure that your case gets the attention it deserves and is efficiently handled.  Efficiency starts with you!

  • Utilize a counselor.  It is usually less expensive and more productive for you to “vent” with a licensed professional counselor than with an attorney. Seeking counseling does not negatively affect your case. In fact, the courts have actually come to look favorably on those who are seeking to help themselves.
  • Plan your phone calls. Remember you are being billed for your time with a lawyer over the phone. Make a list of questions that you have prior to calling and check the items off as they are answered.  This list will keep you both focused!  After making the list, don’t place the call until you are calm and able to benefit from the time with your attorney.  Better yet, schedule a time with your attorney so that you are both prepared to focus on your case!
  • Plan your emails.  We recommend saving your emails in draft for a day or so before sending.  This way you can add questions that arise or delete questions that resolve themselves before incurring legal fees for minor issues that resolve themselves.  Don’t send the email until you have had a chance to review it while you are calm, cool and collected instead of reactive to a spat with your spouse!
  • Establish a relationship with office staff. The office staff is there to serve you. If you simply need information regarding your case, it is more efficient and less expensive for you to utilize the non-attorney staff.
  • Utilize the firm website. If the firm has a website, use it! In today’s world, many firms have taken the time to develop and continually maintain a website. Utilizing the attorney’s website may answer many of your questions regarding the general operation of the firm or even general legal questions. This can help you to focus some of your questions and concerns about your specific case or issues.
  • Be cooperative. To best serve you, your attorney needs answers to the questions he or she asks. Don’t make them follow up endlessly with you for information that has been requested, as you will be billed for the time expended on numerous follow ups!  Also, although it may difficult or even embarrassing at times, don’t withhold information from your attorney.  Your attorney cannot protect you from issues that he or she does not know about. Remember your communications with your attorney are confidential.


An outstanding job on my case to have custody, visitation and support decided in my home state instead of Virginia after I separated from military service.- A.E.